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Welcome @all

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1 Welcome @all le Dim 12 Juin - 17:56


Hi everybody,
Do you know the project "Nuit debout", also known as "Up All Night","Standing Night" and  "Rise up at night"?(

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2 Re: Welcome @all le Lun 13 Juin - 8:43



Let’s all go to Paris on June 14 !

Since March 9, France has been shaken up by unprecedently huge social unrest in reaction to the labour law (“loi travail”). This law is supposed to be the austerity cure for workers in order be more competitive on the global labour market, namely becoming a cheaper, easily exploitable and interchangeable labor force.

It has now been three months of aggressive demonstrations, strikes, economic blockings and sabotage in all regions of France in spite of a ruthless repression, hundreds of injured and wounded people, some us even blinded in one eye, in addition to the hundreds of arrests, imprisonments, accusations, etc.

Faced with the mobilization magnitude, the huge demonstrations and numerous blockings in front of production centers, universities and high schools, the multiple strikes in various economic sectors such as railroads, aviation and automobile, oil refinery plants, nuclear power stations, electricity suppliers, postal delivery, etc…, the socialist party replies with an even greater violent repression and expects to bend the mobilization with tonfa blows and the silent complicity of the European mass media.

This labour law takes us into a pauperization project whose aim is to make us work more while being paid less, to force us to accept any job paid for next to nothing, to throw us into an evergrowing precariousness. What is now at stake naturally concerns all European workers. If we manage to make the government give way here, all workers and employers in Europe will get a strong warning signal.

A demonstration will take place in Paris on June 14. Buses are arriving from all provinces in order to march on the capital city.

We thus call everyone who can to join us in Paris in an offensive demo in order to shout out our fury against austerity measures succeeding one another in Europe.

No border to our interests against Capital !

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